Men's Artistic (MAG)

Alexy Vitry Audibert - 2017 National Champion - Level 9
  • Pre-Competition Programme
  • Gymnastics New Zealand National Levels and International Programme

Floor  This is an exercise in pure acrobatics, alternating between powerful tumbling series and the composure necessary for balance and strength elements. The gymnast endeavours to display virtuous rebound height, whilst connecting the elements of their routine with gymnastic artistry.

Pommel Horse  One of the most difficult pieces of men's apparatus, routines are characterised by circular movements of the body with legs together (circles) and pendulous swings with the legs separated (scissors). Gymnasts also show a spectacular combination of these movements called flairs. Throughout the routine the gymnast performs smooth combinations of these movements, turning and travelling along the horse.

Rings  This apparatus is known for its difficulty of strength and swinging elements. The free moving quality of the rings makes it difficult to remain stationary during held elements, where any movement of the rings incurs a penalty. During his performance, the gymnast should demonstrate control, strength and balance in the presentation of forward and backward swings and strength hold parts. The gymnast's dismount allows him to show his aerial abilities prior to landing.

Vault  During their 25m approach to the vault, the gymnasts must develop the necessary power to complete all their aerial skills before landing. Gymnasts perform one vault in both competitions. Upon take off from the springboard the gymnast explosively propels himself upwards, dynamically pushing off the vault to generate greater height and distance in the second phase of flight. This enables a higher level of acrobatic skill and extension to be performed prior to a stable landing.

Parallel Bars  A predominantly swinging apparatus that is interspersed with only a few hold or strength elements. Swings are completed above and below the bars and consist of acrobatic flight elements, changes of direction and swing types. The gymnast's routine ends in a dramatic dismount off the side or the end of the bars.

Horizontal Bar  This is a very spectacular apparatus, largely due to the acrobatic release and regrasp flight elements. The routine is based on swinging parts without stops, and includes extended forward and backward giant swings, combined with near-bar elements, changes of direction and grip, as well as the release and regrasp movements. The high dismounts from the bar allow the gymnast to show his acrobatic talents and landing prowess.

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