About Us


Olympia Gymnastic Sports has been the Canterbury Gymnastics New Zealand Club of the Year since 2014-2019.  This is a huge achievement and one we are extremely proud of as an organisation.



Olympia Gymnastic Sports is the amalgamation of three Canterbury clubs: Avon City Gymnastics, Kudos Rhythmic Academy and Aerials Trampoline. Planning for the amalgamation commenced in January 2000 and culminated in the move into the Wigram Gymnasium on 1st July 2003.

Olympia Gymnastic Sports is a new breed of gymnastics club in that it combines coaching expertise from four different types of gymnastic sports (Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampolining).  Olympia offers a wide variety of recreational and competitive pathways and we can positively state that "you can trust us to do the job for you".

Olympia Gymnastic Sports' objective is to promote excellence in gymnastics sports, with coaches focused on the fostering of highly successful athletes whilst still retaining a safe, positive environment and offering opportunities for participants at all levels.  Olympia has over 650 members.

Olympia currently has:

·         A unique governance structure

·         A talented and knowledgeable Board of Directors

·         A facility which houses the latest in FIG (“Federation of International Gymnastics”) equipment

·         Outstanding results

·         A continually growing recreational, school, pre-school and other user group programs.



Our Vision: Enriching people’s lives through gymnastics

Our Mission: To develop people and grow our sport by delivering high-quality movement programmes to our diverse community.

Our Values: Safety – Perseverance – Integrity – Respect – Inclusiveness – Teamwork - Trust


Careful consideration has ensured these objectives align with Olympia's strategic partners at a National and Regional level.

OLYMPIA GYMNASTIC SPORTS and GYMNASTICS NEW ZEALAND - Financially Independant & Efficient Operations - Stimulate Participation & Develop a Sustainable & Efficient Organisation - Participating and Competing at the Highest Level Possible - Develop Performance Excellence - Providing Pathways across and within all Gymnastic Codes - Strengthen the Gymsports Community

OLYMPIA GYMNASTIC SPORTS and the CHRISTCHURCH CITY COUNCIL - World Class Gymnastic Facilities - Provide facilities for sport participation in all geographical areas of Christchurch

OLYMPIA GYMNASTIC SPORTS and SPORT CANTERBURY - Participating and Competing at the Highest Level Possible - Increasing participation amongst young people across Canterbury 


The current board of Olympia has a wide range of skills and expertise and runs the club in a highly professional manner.   

Members are welcome to attend Board meetings between 5.30pm-6.00pm, which is the open meeting timeslot. Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.To ensure the Board can prepare for any agenda items, please email manager@olympia.org.nz with any item you wish to have placed on the agenda at least five days prior to the Board meeting.  Any item raised for discussion that has not been placed on the Agenda will be placed on the following month's agenda.  

The expertise of individual board members are detailed below:

Andy Worrill - Chairperson - Andy has an extensive background in Chartered Accountancy. He has advised Charitable and Non-Profit Organisations in accounting matters and is Secretary of a Statutory Research Trust.

Ceri Benger - Ceri is an astute business owner and pharmacist. Ceri has a daughter currently in the international rhythmic programme at Olympia.

Richard Green - Richard's has extensive involvement with gymnastics including NZ National and Australian Universities Championship titles in MAG. He has coached MAG and WAG up to elite level and judged MAG at National level in Australia. He was on the Canterbury Gymnastics Association and Canterbury Trampolining committees (which have now been disbanded). Richard holds a PhD in computer science, in which he developed a software system which can be applied to assist gymnastics coaching and judging. He is currently a Professor at the Spatial Engineering Research Centre at Canterbury University.

Patrick Cantillon

Danielle Kirsopp

Noelle Evans



Men's Artistic Gymnastics

David Colvin - MAG Head Coach (GNZ Senior MAG Coach and Anadia International Coach Academy Portugal)

Sam Marshall, Nicolas Lavin - MAG Coaching Team

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Angharad Wintle (AJ) - WAG Head Coach (Federation of International Gymnastics WAG Coach)

Patrick Smith, Emma Gibbens, Rebecca Morrison - WAG Coaching Team

Chloe Kelly, Dana Stone, Emily Bell-Searle, Emma Hampson, - Regional WAG Coaching Team

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Kathryn Holdsworth - RG Head Coach (GNZ Senior RG Coach)

Ashleigh Pont, Emma Gibbens, Laura Cadigan, Libby Hutchings, Rosie Yeatman - RG Coaching Team

Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline

Alexandr Nilov - International Trampoline Coach (Federation of International Gymnastics Brevet Coach)

Megan Merrick - Age Level Trampoline Coach (GNZ Junior TRA Coach)

Gabby Barnett, Lisa Howden - Trampoline Coaching Team

Recreation Coaches

Ava Gardiner, Bethany Dundas, Chloe Kelly, DanaStone, Emily Bell-Searle, Emma Gibbens, Emma Hampson, Faye Willoghby Isabelle Chambers, Gabby Barnett, Jake Sew Atjon, Jess Orr, Sophie Gifford, Zoe Harmer-Wright - Olympia facility

Catalina Vergana, Denise Lovato, Faye Willoughby, Jess Orr, Zara Hamrmer-Wright - Pioneer facility



Malcolm Humm - General Manager 

Danielle Kirsopp - Acting Finance and Membership Manager  

Melissa Wakeham - Fundamental Movement Programmes Manager 

Bethany Dundas - Programmes Manager

Sandra Marcijasz - Competition Secretary