Date Posted
15th Feb 2021


Dear Olympia Members,

Please see the guidelines for operating in Level 2 below :) As per the Prime Ministers announcement this will be in place till Wednesday 17th 12pm. If things change we will update the membership as appropriate.

Olympia Gymnastics in Level 2

ALL GYMNASTICS CLASSES ARE RUNNING IN LEVEL 2 AT THE WIGRAM FACILITY - PIONNER WE WILL UPDATE ONCE WE HAVE CONFIRMED WITH THE COUNCIL WHAT OPERATING IN LEVEL 2 LOOKS LIKE. We are fortunate that we can do so and maintain under the 100 person limit and other Level 2 guidelines if we make the adjustments below.

  • Our Mezzanine floor is closed and we will only be allowing gymnasts in the building. Parents can drop and pick up their children from the front door. You are welcome to wait in your car.
  • We ask that children only enter the building for their class no more than 5 mins prior – as we will have no waiting area available. Please also try to ensure that your child is not arriving late to class.
  • Upon arrival children will all need to have their name signed off and then wash their hands before entering the gym.
  • The water fountain will not be in use so please have your child bring a drink bottle along.
  • All 1 Hour Rec Classes - Hot Shots, High Flyers, Rhythmic Rec and Tramp Rec will all end 5 mins earlier than usual. This is to try and help avoid the congestion of one class ending and another class starting at the same time.
  • Little Twisters classes we ask that 1 x adult comes down on the floor with their child for classes to assist them with maintaining social distancing where possible.
  • Little Twisters & Movers and Shakers classes will also not be able to have extended numbers of family attend or spectate. 1 x adult per child only in the building.
  • Our coaches will be enforcing social distancing where possible but for safety reasons coaches may still be required to “spot” (physically assist) gymnasts with certain skills. Coaches will be washing hands before and after each class and sanitizer is readily available in the gym for them to use whilst out on the floor.
  • We have heightened our cleaning of the gym. Coaches will cleaning in between sessions.
  • Some of our coaches may choose to wear a mask while coaching – some children may be a bit startled by this so best to speak with your child about this possibility prior to attending class next week.

We are expecting a smooth running of classes with the above guidelines followed and more the majority of us this is not our first time operating under these guidelines. We hope you can all appreciate the importance of complying with the Level 2 guidelines.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Olympia Gymnastic Sports :)