Date Posted
17th Nov 2020

High Flyers and Hot Shots Recreation Competition! Sunday 6th December

Welcome to our High Flyers and Hot Shots Recreatioin Competition for 2020!

This event is to celebrate your daughters achievements and progress in our Artistic Gymnastics Programme here at Olympia Gymnastic Sports.

Each Gymnast will have skills they get to present to a judge. This is not a routine based competition, instructions will be given on the day for each apparatus. The skills will mirror what they are working on in their weekly class.

In conclusion each Gymnast will be presented with a certificate with ribbons outlining their performance on each apparatus and a medal to celebrate their performance.

Registrations will be sent to everyone and to register please select 'accept' at the bottom of the email. You will be directly invoiced the $35 registration fee. 

We look forward to celebrating your daughters gymnastics at this event!