Date Posted
15th Jan 2018

Welcome to our new Website

Happy New Year everyone - 2018 is already going off with a bang with Management pleased to deliver the following communication ....

Olympia Gymnastic Sports is thrilled to welcome current and future members to our new Olympia Website and Friendly Manager (our member and programme management system).  

New members can now view available classes, register as a member  and enrol with a few simple steps.

Our existing membership will receive an email with their login access.  This will enable our members to update their personal profiles ensuring all information held for Club purposes is up to date and accurate.

There are so many new and time-saving features.  Communication is well and truely enhanced with areas for latest news, competition calendar's, enrolments directly from the website and much more .... .

Friendly Manager

The features of Friendly Manager are an exciting leap forward for the Club. 

One example of this change .... competition gymnasts will now get an invite to a competition and parents can choose to "accept" or "decline" - if a parent hits the "accept" an invoice for that competition is automatically generated for payment - if a parent hits "decline" the child is not entered into the competition.  Our competition secretary, Sandra Marcijasz, is thrilled with this feature which will streamline competition entries for all.

Parents will now be able to log in and check their invoices/statements, update their profiles and check their child's class timetable.

Thank you

As everyone will appreciate, a steep learning curve for Olympia's administrators is in action.  We thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we convert our management systems and trust you enjoy all of the new features available to you.