Date Posted
17th Jul 2018

Term 3 - Welcome back to returning and new members

The term kicks off on Monday 23rd July and we extend a warm welcome to existing and new members to the Club.  

Please remember to dress your children in active wear with no buckles, belts, buttons or anything that can catch on the equipment.  For girls, long hair is best tied into ponytails (a pigtail can hurt the back of the head if rolled on) and all jewellery should be removed.

On arrival please take your children upstairs to the mezzanine floor and the coaches will come upstairs to call for and collect the children - please listen out for your class.  It is a good idea for children to have visited the bathroom and have had a drink of water prior to the class commencing.

The children will be under the care of their coach throughout the session and stay with their group the entire time unless directed by the coaches.  We ask that parents please do not enter the gym floor space for health and safety reasons, as there are other classes and programmes running.

During the first session of each term the coaches will revisit some of the basics to ensure each child has a good understanding of, for example, correct landing - again to ensure the individuals health and safety.  They will then follow the 9 week class plan.  The last session for the term is the week ending Saturday 22 September.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office should you require any assistance.  You can check your child's portal via the Friendly Manager Club Management System for any invoice/payment queries.  Term 3 fees are due and payable prior to commencement of classes.  Thank you to those members who have paid promptly.   Please do not be offended if we follow up on overdue accounts, you will appreciate that we need to know who is and who is not attending for our class management purposes.

We look forward to the term and watching the children development new skills and finally tune those they have already learnt.


The Olympia Management Team