Date Posted
27th Nov 2018


Dear Members

Preferential re-registration for Term 1 2019 (for members moving to the next term)
Open Monday   26th November
Close Sunday    2nd December

Thank you for continued support of Olympia Gymnastics. We trust your child has enjoyed Term 4 and we would love to welcome you back to Term 1 2019.

Current members can re-register their child in to the same class and time as they have been attending this term. We recommend members re-enrol promptly as spaces fill up fast.  Only those members who re-register and their account balance is fully paid will be re-enrolled into their existing class.

To re-register log in to the portal to check any outstanding balance to ensure payment has been made in full and you are not disappointed by not being able to re-enrol. An invoice will be emailed to you automatically at the end of the re-registration for Term 1 2019 and payment by the due date confirms your enrolment. Options for payment are:

  • Ezi-pay (This system  will enable you to pay by credit card – look out for the option in the re-registration process. Please note this will incur ($0.35) transaction fee and a ( 3.00%) surcharge which will automatically be added to your credit card payment)
  • Internet Banking or we accept cash at our office (No EFTPOS facilities available sorry, we have limited change available so would appreciate if you have the exact amount).  Please ensure you use the invoice number in the following format in the reference section of your bank payment:  FM-1111 (the dash is necessary).  If your bank does not allow for the dash please omit it but keep the FM and number of your invoice in the reference section.

Online re-registration instructions :                     

  •      Visit your parent portal
  •      Click on the register/book tab up the right-hand top of the screen 
  •      Click “Re-register (Term 1 2019)"
  •      Go to the “join classes”
  •      Click  Term 1 2019
  •      You will be presented with only your current classes to choose from.

Priority Registrations for Term 1 2019 (for current members wishing to change days/class or move up a class)
Open Monday   3rd December
Close Sunday    9th December

To change a members class because the child has progressed in age and the current class is no longer appropriate, or the current class is suitable but does not suit weekly commitments, we are opening priority enrolments online via the website for existing active members.  The online re-registration instructions are the same as those above except there will be a choice of all recreational classes to select from:

  • Hover the mouse over the Recreational class e.g “High Flyers” tab to show a drop down box of all the classes, then select and click the preferred.

At this point check the screen as the selected class may be full and it will automatically provide the option to go on the waiting list.

Please email the office to cancel your re-registration or to be removed from a waiting list.  Please appreciate during re-registration time the office is particularly busy.  Current members may also re-register in Public Enrolments (see below), but please be aware that if you have not re-registered by Priority Enrolments date new members may take your space in class.

Public Registrations (for the general public)

Public enrolments will open Monday 10th December. Please refer any friends or neighbours.

Thank you - The Olympia Administration Team