Date Posted
10th Dec 2019

Olympia Gymnastic Sports 2019 Annual Prizegiving

A huge congratulations to all of our members awarded recognition for 2019:

Special Award Recipients

Code Volunteer Awards

  • Trampoline – Sandy Sheere
  • Artistic – Wendy Quinn
  • Rhythmic – Sonya Hutchings
  • Olympia Coach of the Year – David Colvin
  • Olympia Gymnast of the Year – Madaline Davidson
  • Olympia Administrator of the Year – Kerryn Bell-Searle

New Zealand Representatives 2019


Madaline Davidson – World Cups: Baku, Minsk, Russia and Spain; World Championships Japan

Reegan Laidlaw – World Cups: Russia and Spain; World Age Group Competition Japan

Flynn Gunther - World Age Group Competition Japan; Australian Gymanstics Championships

Lauren Sheere – Australian Gymanstics Championships


Brody Hall – Valeri Luiken Invitational Texas, FIG World Junior Championships Hungary,

Kennedy Payne – Valeri Luiken Invitational Texas

Ali Haque – representing Bangladesh: Singapore Open Championships, 5th International Junior Budapest Cup Hungary


Paris Chin – Ritam Cup Serbia, Junior World Championships Russia

Anna Taylor – Ritam Cup Serbia

Miyu Wadamori – Ritam Cup Serbia


Bethany Gibbens (coach at Olympia but training Aerobics at Affinity Gymnastics) – International Aerobic Championships Phoenix



Recreation GOTY ("Gymnast of the Year")              Minami Nakamura

Recreation Sportsmanship Trophy           Emily Rushton

Recreation Most Improved Trophy          Libby Scott

Recreation Tenacity Award          Ellen Doughty

Recreation Training Cup                Brooke Jemmett

Pre-Competition Most Improved Gymnast- Female        Ava Thompson



Steps 1, 2 and 3 Trophies             

Step 1 WAG Most Improved       Honor Bergman

Step 1 WAG Most Dedicated      Clarissa Jay

Step 2 WAG Most Improved       Andrea Blancia

Step 2 WAG Most Dedicated      Kyleigh Hu

Step 3 WAG Most Improved       Harper Muir

Step 3 WAG Most Dedicated      Hannah Paterson

Gymnast of the Year Step 1         Ruby Francis

Gymnast of the Year Step 2         Sophie Snell

Gymnast of the Year Step 3         Eva Grace

Steps 4, 5, 6 Trophies    

Personality         Neve Stewart

Sportmanship Award     Jocelyn Mattheus

Most Dedicated                Amelia Quinn

Most Improved                Micah Whitley

Gymnast of the Year Step 4         Kendra Pawson

Gymnast of the Year Step 6         Courtney Jones

Steps 7, 8, 9, 10 & International

Gymnast of the Year Steps 7-10                Laura Duncan

Development Trophy     Eva Grace

NEW - WAG Gymnast's Choice   Ava Gardiner



Most Promising                Eli Lim

Sportsmanship Award   Nicholas Del Ray

Trophy for Performance               Brody Hall and Ali Haque

Development Trophy- Most Improved MAG       Kennedy Payne

Jun MAG Most Improved Gymnast         Oliver Urquhart

Geoff Price Memorial Trophy - Dedication to Gymnastics              Sam Marshall

MAG Level 1 GOTY Hogbin Family Trophy             Liam Del Ray

MAG Level 3 GOTY Meyn Family Trophy                Karl Moller

MAG Level 4-6 GOTY Jason & Janelle Smith Trophy          Nicholas Del Ray and Nico Lavin

MAG Level 7-10 GOTY Heidi Berg Memorial Trophy          Kennedy Payne

MAG Gymnast's Choice Mann Family Trophy      Nicholas Del Ray

Meyn Family Trophy Best Technique Senior        Kennedy Payne

Meyn Family Trophy Best Technique Junior         Nicolas Lavin



Annual Recreation Trophy           En Chiao (Anna) Chou

Marriott Cup for Recreation        Isadora Rocha

Kudos Cup for Recreation            Gwendolyn Zhao

Gymnast with Potential                Olivia Collins

Ballet Trophy (best feet)              Julianna Chui

Meyn Family Trophy Most Graceful         Yunjo Kim

10th Anniversary Most Improved Junior Gymnast            Alina Ye

Meyn Family Trophy Most Improved Senior Gymnast     Poppy Rumble

Olympia Cup for Most Improved International Gymnast                Ella Graham

Brent Family Trophy for Presentation     Elle-Roze Ilkiw

Judge Wood Trophy for Presentation     Sara Yu

Adrienne Hughes Trophy for Friendship                Lilyann Lim

Development Trophy- Most Improved RG Stage 2            Kalisa Zhang

Jenny Babonnick Cup for Dedication       Nika Meyn

GOTY Level 1      Farron Raasch

GOTY Level 2      Poppy Kirsopp

Liane Duncan Trophy GOTY Levels 3        Alina Ye

Glenys Smith Trophy GOTY Level 4           Anna McFall

Duncan Trophy for GOTY Levels 5             Gemma McLennan

Jane Pow Trophy for GOTY Level 6           Scarett Girvan

Stephanie Birkett Trophy GOTY Levels 7 -8           Nia Surman

Mackie Trophy GOTY Levels 9-10              Maia O'Connor

GOTY Stage 3     Ava Gearry

Kudos Presidents Trophy GOTY Stage  4                Mikayla Chin

Kerr Trophy for Jnr International GOTY  Paris Chin

Alan Kennedy Cup Senior International GOTY     Anna Taylor

Rachel Wilkie Trophy Most Valuable Group Member       Jocelyn Cai

The Kimberley Robson Trophy 'Passion & Perserverence at RG"        Libby Hutchings

O'Neill-Searle Family RG Development Trophy   Eileen Li



Sportsperson of the Year             Madaline Davidson

Most Promising Trampolinist-Female      Maddison Moore

Most Promising Trampolinist- Male         Reegan Laidlaw

Most Improved Trampolinist      Anya Croker

Junior Trampolinist of the Year (16 years and under)       Flynn Gunther

Senior Trampolinist of the Year (17 years +)         Madaline Davidson

Most Promising DM Trampolinist              Jay Dixon

Most Improved DM Trampolinist              Liliana Gunther

Junior DM Trampolinist of the Year          Bailey O'Keefe

Senior DM Trampolinist of the Year         NOT AWARDED

Junior Synchro Pair of the Year  Grace Smith and Anya Crocker

Senior Synchro Pair of the Year  Aaron Bull and Bailey O'Keefe

Most Dedicated Trampolinist      Lauren Sheere