Date Posted
18th Dec 2017

Olympia Gymnastic Sports 2017 Annual Prizegiving

A huge congratulations to all of our members awarded recognition for 2017. 

Special Award Recipients 

Code Volunteer Awards
Trampoline – Martyn Greet 
Artistic – Clayton McKnight 
Rhythmic – Stephanie Birkett 

Olympia Coach of the Year – Alex Nilov 
Olympia Gymnast of the Year – Madaline Davidson 
Olympia Administrator of the Year - Melissa Wakeham 

New Zealand Representatives 2017 
Madaline Davidson 
Reegan Laidlaw 
Holly Fisher 

Stephanie Lester 
Ashleigh Pont 

Women's Artistic Gymnastics Award Recipients 
Recreation GOTY (“Gymnast of the Year”) – Zara Griffin
Recreation Sportsmanship Trophy – Emily Rushton/Sophie Dunster 
Recreation Most Improved – Paige Martin 
Recreation Tenacity Award – Emily Henderson 
Recreation Training Cup – Ashley Bacon 
Pre-Competition Most Improved Gymnast: Female – Isabel Prescott 
Pre-Competition Most Improved Gymnast: Male - Liam Del Rey 

STEPS 1, 2, & 3 
Step 1 WAG Most Improved – Hannah Patterson 
Step 1 WAG Most Dedicated – Ella Ryan 
Step 2 WAG Most Improved – Ariyah Downes 
Step 2 WAG Most Dedicated – Keana Hakeagaiki 
Step 3 WAG Most Improved – Emma Ford 
Step 3 WAG Most Dedicated – Rubybelle Ferguson 
GOTY Step 1 – Eva Grace 
GOTY Step 2 – Micah Whitley 
GOTY Step 3 - Greta Salins 

STEPS 4, 5 & 6 
Personality - Elise Diderjean 
Sportsmanship Award – Genevieve George 
Most Dedicated – Sienna Hooft 
Most Improved – Maddie Phipps 
GOTY Step 4 – Louise Wang 
GOTY Step 5 – Kirsten Jones 
GOTY Step 6 – Elliana Irving 

STEPS 7, 8 9, 10 & International 

Sportsmanship Award – Jemima Pegg 
Most Dedicated – Laura Duncan 
Most Improved – Ella Murdoch 
GOTY Steps 7-10 – Caitlin Wade 
Jessie Allan Presentation Trophy – Lauren Voice Powell 
WAG Gymnasts' Choice – Laura Duncan 

Men's Artistic Gymnastics Award Recipients 
Most Promising – Bryn Flowerday 
Sportsmanship Award – Mitchell Redmayne 
Trophy for Performance – Alexy Vitry Audibert 
Development Trophy - Most Improved MAG – Ali Haque 
Jun MAG Most Improved Gymnast – Michael Chiu 
Harold Sutherland QSM Memorial Trophy – Patrick Smith/Kennedy Payne 
Geoff Price Memorial Trophy - Dedication to Gymnastics – Zack Bennett 

MAG Level 1 GOTY Hogbin Family Trophy – Adam Lim 
MAG Level 2 GOTY Graham Clayton Trophy – Karl Moller 
MAG Level 3 GOTY Meyn Family Trophy – Nicolas Lavin 
MAG Level 4-6 GOTY Jason & Janelle Smith Trophy – Nicholas Del Rey/Thomas Chao 
MAG Level 7-10 GOTY Heidi Berg Memorial Trophy – Alexy Vitry Audibert/Brody Hall 

MAG Gymnast's Choice Mann Family Trophy – Alexy Vitry Audibert 

Meyn Family Trophy Best Technique Senior – Brody Hall 

Meyn Family Trophy Best Technique Junior Nicolas Lavin - Nicolas Lavin 

Rhythmic Gymnastics Award Recipients 
Annual Recreation Trophy – Cherry Zhu 
Marriott Cup for Recreation – Jocelyn Cai 
Kudos Cup for Recreation - Sophia Gearry 
Gymnast with Potential – Yunjo Kim 
Ballet Trophy (best feet) – Lilly Eastmure 
Meyn Family Trophy Most Graceful – Elle-Roze Ilkiw 
10th Anniversary Most Improved Junior Gymnast – Emily Herman 
Meyn Family Trophy Most Improved Senior Gymnast – Tara Hoeben 
Olympia Cup for Most Improved International Gymnast – Mikayla Chin 
Brent Family Trophy for Presentation – Rosie Yeatman 
Judge Wood Trophy for Presentation – Ava Gearry 
Adrienne Hughes Trophy for Friendship – Amelia Benger 
Development Trophy- Most Improved RG Stage 2 – Isabella Calcroft/Lilyann Lim 
Jenny Babonnick Cup for Dedication – Mya Hutchings 

GOTY Level 1 – Lucy Burgess 
GOTY Level 2 – Sara Yu 
Liane Duncan Trophy GOTY Levels 3 – Sophia Cook 
Glenys Smith Trophy GOTY Level 4 – Olivia Gourley 
Duncan Trophy for GOTY Levels 5 – Chloe Parker 
Jane Pow Trophy for GOTY Level 6 – Bella Gruindelingh 
Stephanie Birkett Trophy GOTY Levels 7-8 – Maia O’Connor 
Mackie Trophy GOTY Levels 9-10 – Ashleigh Pont 
GOTY Stage 3 – Eleasha Chan 
Kudos Presidents Trophy GOTY Stage 4 – Mya Hutchings 
Alan Kennedy Cup Senior International GOTY – Paris Chin 

Rachel Wilkie Trophy Most Valuable Group Member – Miyu Wadamori 

The Kimberley Robson Trophy 'Passion & Perseverance at RG' O'Neill-Searle Family RG Development Trophy – Alyshia Kemper 

O’Neill-Searle Family RG Development Trophy – Vera Lan 

13 Years of Gymnastics – Laura Cadigan 
10 Years of Gymnastics – Rosie Yeatman, Stephanie Lester, Ashleigh Pont 

Trampoline Gymnastics Award Recipients 
Sportsperson of the Year – Madaline Davidson 
Most Promising Trampolinist-Female – Amelia Greet 
Most Promising Trampolinist- Male – Reegan Laidlaw 
Most Improved Trampolinist – Thomas Fisher 
Junior Trampolinist of the Year – Lachlan Fisher 
Senior Trampolinist of the Year – Madaline Davidson 
Most Promising DM Trampolinist – Lauren Sheere 
Most Improved DM Trampolinist – Jed McCready 
Junior DM Trampolinist of the Year – Lauren Sheere 
Junior Synchro Pair of the Year – Jed McCready/William Sheere 
Senior Synchro Pair of the Year – Charlotte Worley/Amelia Greet 
Most Dedicated Trampolinist – Flynn Gunther