Date Posted
13th Feb 2019


To the Olympia Gymnastic Sports (OGS) community

RE: Notice of OGS Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting of Olympia Gymnastics Sports will be held on April 3rd at 7pm upstairs at Olympia.

RE: Rotation of Olympia Gymnastic Sports Board

In preparation for this meeting we are communicating the board rotation process and the process for members of the community to submit their expression of interest. Please email to obtain a copy of the OGS board job description and submission of interest to outline the skills and attributes that you would bring to this role. This EOI is to be submitted to Vicki Cowley (Board Chair) by March 3rd 2019 at 5pm. 

Process for Re-Election of Board Members as per current OGS constitution: 

a. One board member is rotated each year. This year Jules Wilke is vacating her role on the board. 

b. Please find attached the board position description. The Board are looking for a board member that has experience in the HR field. Please provide an expression of interest, including your CV which outlines the skills and attributes you would bring to the role. Please send to Vicki Cowley Board Chair by 5pm on March 3rd 2019.

c. All board submissions will be considered by a panel comprising of a Sport Canterbury representative, Gymnastics NZ representative, the current Board Chair and all Board members not up for re-election.

d. Board Members are only eligible for appointment if they support the well-being, success, and philosophy of this club and as such support gymnastics excellence and are not in a conflict of interest such as being a staff member or a coach from a competing club

e. Board Members must support all codes and all gymnasts equitably.

Yours sincerely,

Vicki Cowley 

Board Chair 

Olympia Gymnastic Sports