Acro Gymnastics Class

Acro Gymnastics Class Starting Term 1 2022 Friday 6-7pm

Term 1 2022: Monday 31st January - Thursday 14th April


Register now for our Acro Class starting in Term 1 2022 on Friday 6-7pm. 

Olympia's Acro class specifically focus on floor based acrobatic skills like aerials, walkovers and handsprings. This class is great for gymnasts or dancers offering specific drills and skills to improve floor acro skills. The programme with begin by covering the necessary basics and pre-requisites of all skills covered across the term. As the weeks progress the drills and skills will be developed and extended.

* Please note to enroll in this class you must be able to confidently cartwheel and bridge independently. 

Acro Class (Ages 8-15 years old)

  • Friday 6-7pm $175 - 1 hour; 10 week Term

Olympia Gymnastic Sports under the Traffic Light System will be operating with Vaccination Passes for any person entering the facility over the age of 12 years and 3 months. In Term 1 2022 the mezzanine floor will open again for spectators. For any person 12 years and 3 months and older who is a spectator you are required to wear a face covering whilst in the building.